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The 2015 Colloquium was organised by Ms Isabel Moros and hosted by the University of Exeter with keynotes by Dr Kevin Mcmanus (University of York) and Dr Gabriela Meier, School of Education (University of Exeter). More than 90 delegates attended the Colloquium including students as presenters.  


The topics discussed ranged from curriculum development and embedding employability in the curriculum to student engagement. The event was supported by the College of Humanities at Exeter University as well as the Teaching Development Fund of the University of Bath. The Spanish Embassy participated and one of the presenters was the Education Advisor, Dr Gonzalo Capellán de Miguel. 


Colloquium Information

University of Bath
I enjoyed all of the talks. Very impressive work on projects in all the universities!
University of Bristol
New innovative approach to teaching, it is always useful to know how students develop their knowledge while abroad.
University of Bristol
Once more, I very much enjoyed this colloquium. Thank you very much indeed!
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