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On 13 June 2014, the first colloquium on Innovation in Modern Languages Education event was hosted by the Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies at the University of Bath. 


The Colloquium was the first language event under the aegis of the GW4.


Co-organised by Dr Irene Macías and Ms Isabel Moros, the conference was attended by more than 70 staff and students from the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter. The event was funded by the Faculty Teaching Development Fund of the University of Bath and the College of Humanities at the University of Exeter. 


The day was framed by two keynotes from leading scholars. During the event, there were also presentations from students and teachers and round tables on the topics of employability, innovative assessment and student engagement.


Colloquium Information

University of Bath
This colloquium was great in terms of self-improvement and in increasing my general knowledge of topics I like.
Graduate from
the University of Exeter
It was great to see firsthand the new research and innovations carried out by both the staff and students. The Colloquium offered a chance to understand and appreciate the work which goes on behind the scenes of our courses,
University of Bristol
The most useful things were hearing about colleagues' projects and sharing of good practice. Thank you for an excellent colloquium, looking forward to the next one!
University of Bristol
I have taken with me something from each session, so all of them are useful!
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