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2017 Colloquium


The 2017 Colloquium was held at the University of Cardiff on 29th June, featuring Keynote speaker Professor Chris Pountain, Queen Mary University of London.


What people said about the colloquium:

Chris Pountain was fascinating; a great choice. His talk was pitched at an engaging level for the audience. Some of us may be in danger of falling into precisely the trap he mentioned, of a lack of intellectual stimulus both for our students and ourselves, so it was nice to be stimulated intellectually. More of this in future colloquia please!

I really liked the speakers coming down from the podium to stand or move around near the audience.

It was great that colleagues from Japanese and Portuguese presented, both for our awareness of the broad range of language programme options in our partner institutions, and to share time and experience with as wide a representation of colleagues as possible.

The opening comments were great; positive but balanced and open about the panorama for the ML sector.

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