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3rd LanGW4 Colloquium - Programme



Scroll down to see videos and powerpoints of the talks at the Colloquium, or use the buttons to jump straight to the talk you want to see.

2016 Colloquium


The 2016 Colloquium was held at the University of Bristol on the 30th June, featuring Keynote speakers Dr Ian Foster from the University of Bristol and Professor Marion Demossier from the University of Southampton.



Click below to view the full programme of the event:


Keynote speaker: Professor Marion Demossier, University of Southampton.

Teaching Ethnography as Method: Legacies and Future Practices for Global Citizens

Prof Marion Demossier
Enrico Cecconi

Enrico Cecconi, University of Bath.

The Potential of Web 2.0 for the Creative and Efficient Teaching of a Language in a University Context

Elena McNeilly, University of Bristol.

Developing Employability Skills in Teaching a Blended-Learning Translation Course for Final Year Russianists

Elena McNeilly
Christian Mossmann
Marie Gastinel-Jones

Marie Gastinel-Jones, University of Cardiff.

Creating an Authentic Context for Students: Pedagogy of MFL for Erasmus Students

Christian Mossmann, University of Exeter.

From Interpreting to Powerpoint Karaoke: Diversifying the Advanced Oral Language Syllabus to Engage and Motivate Learners (and Teachers)

Dr Maria Victoria Guadamillas Gómez

Dr Maria Victoria Guadamillas Gómez, Universidad de Castilla La Mancha, Spain.

Designing Tasks to Promote Speaking and Listening Skills: a Study of Spanish-British Telecollaboration at University Level

Soraya Blackmore

Soraya Blackmore, University of Bristol.

Padlet: Innovative Teaching in French-Speaking Language Classes

Dr Sandra López-Rocha & Fabienne Vailes

Dr Sandra López-Rocha & Fabienne Vailes, University of Bristol.

The Role of Intercultural Communication Training in the Preparation of Global Citizens

Dr Isabel Santafé

Dr Isabel Santafé and students Fiona Potigny and Adam Hill, University of Exeter.

The Student Translation Business Project: Developing Intercultural Skills in the Global Market place

Dr Vera Castiglione

Dr Vera Castiglione, University of Bristol.

The Year Abroad on Stage: from Global to Local (and Back)

Dr Ian Foster

Keynote speaker: Dr Ian Foster, University of Bristol.

The Future of Language Learning

GW4 was set up in 2013 to enable the universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter to work together in order to translate research into real-world applications and to stimulate growth.

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